Bounties — Retro and current (2022-03-22)

We shared initial thoughts for DAO contributions and bounties way back (almost 2 months ago now!). To follow up on those bounties, here is a proposal for one-time retro grants, and a couple of current bounties needed.

Retro bounties

  • 50 FLOOR, jo-chemla, Defi Llama integration
  • 50 FLOOR, aaaaaaaaa, Community Dune Dash
  • 30 FLOOR, Orilla, Discord mc/treasury/price bots
  • 20 FLOOR, nobi’s fren, Discord emojis
  • 20 FLOOR, raincoat, Early memes

Current bounties

  • 40 FLOOR, Discord bot for vault activity (our yields) + bond premiums

Since this is a more lightweight proposal, we will use forum comments and poll for governance signaling. Comments welcome!

  • Approve bounties
  • Modify bounties

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