DAO Contributions framework

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DAO Contributions


  • Work can be split up into Bounties, Projects, and Roles, among key areas including but not limited to Policy, Engineering, and Community
  • Bounties and Roles are mostly compensated from fixed budgets
  • Projects are mostly compensated from variable budgets
  • Budgets are voted on periodically through governance
  • We’ve proposed a few Bounties and Roles (below :point_down:), to be considered for compensation after FLOOR is officially launched


Aligning incentives for DAO contributions is a key topic to get right as it cements the continued success of the project with a core goal of achieving truly decentralised governance.

In our Tokenomics post, we outlined the goal of running in a full decentralized manner by the end of year. Here we propose guidelines for FloorDAO workstreams and how budgets for them can work.

Since the FLOOR token has not yet launched, we will start with social consensus from the community in lieu of on-chain governance. A formal vote can be administered once the token is live.


FloorDAO’s mission is to provide deep NFT liquidity while earning yield. Through necessity of cadence for launch, the core team will ideate and direct most of the initial product, but the DAO and community will have an increasingly larger influence on the roadmap as time goes on.

To achieve this we foresee three scopes of work for the DAO:

  1. Bounties Bounty work is self-contained and highly specified, meaning a single contributor can execute on it without much guidance. Since bounties are short and sweet, compensation should also follow standard amounts and come from a pre-approved budget. Examples of bounties include: creating memes, new emojis, infographics, translations, short articles.
  2. Projects Project work is larger in scope and more objective-oriented than bounties. More often than not, a project requires multiple contributors with different skillsets working together to achieve the objective, including a lead that is directly responsible for the end result. Compensation for delivering on the project is highly variable and usually requires a proposal with formal governance approval of the budget. Tools like Coordinape can be useful for managing payouts. Examples of projects include: frontend app modules, smart contract upgrades, protocol partnerships, focused research & deliverable (eg. ve- model).
  3. Roles Role work is ongoing and has clear guidelines; it is the most similar to a “regular job”. While the work is ongoing, there should be periodic check-ins to ensure quality is high and the contributor is still the right one for the role. The initial hiring as well as periodic renewals should require governance approval of work and budget. Tools like Sablier can be useful for matching duration compensation. Examples of roles include: community mods, dev ops, policy team.

With the above scopes, we can then loosely organize workstreams among the key areas required to push FloorDAO forward, including Policy, Engineering, and Community.


We want contributors to first and foremost align with the vision of FloorDAO; however it is very important to couple this with meaningful reward and incentive structures. Everyone helping FloorDAO in a significant way should be rewarded for the impact they have on the project’s success. The community is what drives the project and ultimately what brings FloorDAO’s vision to reality.

As a reminder, FloorDAO generates revenue from two primary sources: 1) Bonding assets, and 2) NFT liquidity yield (which when benchmarked should be relatively high). Most of this revenue will be used to back circulating FLOOR, extend rebasing runway, and compound liquidity yield.

A portion of the treasury however will be used to fund budgets. In particular, periodic fixed budgets can be secured for Bounties and Roles, and variable budgets for Projects, both budget types of which would require governance approval. Cadence can start with quarterly budgets and adjusted as needed. And using tools like Coordinape and Sablier, budgets can fund work in an approved and decentralized manner.

What we’re looking for now

Kicking off we are sharing a list of Bounties as well as a couple of Roles that we’re looking to onboard as contributors to the DAO. If any of these sound interesting, simply get started in the best way you see fit! We’ll make sure to provide support and guidance on the best way forward. If there’s something you’d like to work on that is not listed here, please get in touch as well.


  • Memes around sweeping, floors, nft flywheel, etc
  • Infographics explaining how floordao flywheel works
  • “floordao intern” twitter that does memes and reply-outreach (potential for longer term Role)
  • Building a “floordao index” that scores every nft collection on their candidacy for floordao bonds


  • Policy team members with expertise in Olympus V2 bond mechanics
  • Smart contract developers knowledgeable on Olympus V2 and ve- mechanics

The NFT market as we know it today is about to change — this is the opportunity for you to become a driving force within that.



I would love to be considered for the “floordao intern” outreach and memes role. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide or if there are any questions or concerns. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

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Great maybe my skill will make FloorDao a little brighter.