FIP#18 - Marketing Budget for 3mo


Approve 3 month marketing budget of $22,500 with team oversight.


FloorDAO aims to bridge the gap between NFTs and DeFi. Marketing resources to visualize and iterate on this is incredibly important to achieve this goal.

The marketing team would like to unlock a budget to allow it to spend on adhoc lower cost marketing resource. This will allow the team to have quick decision making and scaling of content in a reactionary fashion depending on market conditions and narrative in a cost efficient manner.


The FloorDAO marketing team would like to sign off a budget in order to engage adhoc with freelance and agency resources for marketing and create community bounties. A more detailed line item breakdown is as follows:

  • $2,000 /month for design agency for on demand creatives
  • $2,500 /month for ad hoc freelancer budget for eg. explainer videos
  • $3,000 /month for bounties to support community-driven education and organic marketing

The budget will come from a mix of FLOOR and ETH (for 3rd parties that do not accept FLOOR), and will be allocated with oversight from the core team. In addition, while the budget is agreed by the DAO, it does not have to be spent in full, and can be rolled over as future expenses as needed.


Yes — Approve proposal for Snapshot vote
No — Amend proposal

The polling process begins now and will end at 18:30 UTC on 2022-05-18 (48 hours).

After this, a Snapshot vote will be put up at 18:30 UTC on 2022-05-18.

  • Yes
  • No

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