FIP#21 - Extend Nobi role for 3mo


Extend Nobi’s role as Community Manager for another 3 months, starting from 2022 July 10 to September 9.


Since taking on the Community Manager role in April, Nobi has played a key role in the Discord and Twitter, as well as facilitating community <> collection engagement. During Floor Wars collection votes, Nobi stays awake for the entire 48 hours to make sure every Tubby vote is accounted for.

His accomplishments include:

  • Escrowing the first ever bribe (OTC) during the Milady Floor Wars
  • Engaging the CrypToadz, Milady, Tubby, and other collection communities
  • Meme FloorDAO and NFTX content on Twitter
  • Coordinating AMAs in the Discord and Twitter Spaces
  • Signing governance multisig transactions

Current and New Responsibilities

  • Engage with community on Discord, Twitter, and other channels
  • Answer questions, contribute to discussions, and generally encourage DAO participation
  • Meme and shitpost when inspiration strikes
  • Coordinate with core team and projects to host AMAs and other events

Nobi will also be spearheading a new initiative for collection “Ambassadors”. You may have already seen these new roles —

  • Sanzu as Milady Analyst
  • dirtbaglu as BGAN Analyst

Ambassadors (/Analysts) are key representatives that connect FloorDAO with respective collection communities, keeping both sides apprised of developments. Metagovernance will also be ramping up as Treasury assets become eligible for voting.




For: Approve role extension for Snapshot voting
Against: Amend proposal

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  • Against
  • Abstain

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