FIP#22 - Extend Hubert role for 3mo


Extend Hubert’s role in Marketing for another 3 months, starting from (backdated) 2022 June 30 to September 29.


Hubert has become a community anchor (> bgan) since joining the team in June. Behind the scenes, he has been chasing up on all kinds of marketing initiatives, as well as executing on Hubert-ASMR hosting of 4 episodes of Sweep Sesh on Twitter Spaces.

His accomplishments include:

  • Managing the Hypercube video project (very hype)
  • Putting together a comprehensive Marketing budget
  • Engaging collection communities with AMAs, Spaces, and Bribes
  • Prepping and hosting 4 Sweep Seshes

Current and New Responsibilities

  • Explore new community, marketing, and PR initiatives, including partnerships with agencies
  • Manage projects and coordinate with internal (core, community) and external partners, such as the Hypercube explainer video
  • Organize and host community events such as the Sweep Sesh Twitter Spaces series

Hubert has also developed a Bear Market Marketing strategy, which includes periodic yield and NFT reviews, more content, more education, more AMAs, more Sweep Seshes, and even merch (both physical and digital).




For: Approve role extension for Snapshot voting
Against: Amend proposal

  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain

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Hubert has been an example of how a talented community member can rise through the ranks and quickly add tremendous value to a project.

I wholeheartedly endorse this FIP, based off of my collaborations with him internally and his outsized contributions to Floor.