FIP#27 - Approve Budget for 2022 Q4

Edit: Added Twade role


Approve 2022 Q4 operating expenses budget of $22,950 per month, or $68,850 total. The budget includes

  1. extending Nobi’s role as Community Manager (35 hrs /wk @ $4200 /month)
  2. extending Hubert’s role as Marketing Lead (20 hrs /wk @ $4000 /month)
  3. retaining digital media agency for graphics ($2000 /month)
  4. starting Twade as Solidity Developer (30 hrs /wk @ $12,750 /month)



Nobi has been Community Manager for the past 6 months. In the most recent quarter, he has stepped up in a big way, handling much of Discord announcements as well as Twitter tweeting. Some of Nobi’s recent accomplishments include:

  • Arranging the new Gauge vote system for directing bi-weekly yield pressure
  • Kickstarting “metagovernance” with our portcols, starting with the Ambassador program and ongoing monitoring for delegated governance decisions
  • Running the Emerging and Core collection votes where BGansv2 and ENS 10k Club won

Nobi is also working on our secret NFT project and POAPs for various occasions.


Hubert has been Marketing Lead for the past 6 months. His most recent accomplishments include:

  • Running the nftperp “Comp within Comp” competition for gFLOOR holders
  • Shipping the FloorDAO explainer video from Hypercube (to be launched soon™)
  • Coordinating with digital media agency to product ongoing and timely graphics
  • Planning a “Bear Market” marketing strategy with goals to highlight periodic yield, portcol happenings, education, and AMAs / Sweep Seshes (Twitter Spaces)

Hubert plans to continue executing on our Bear Market marketing strategy to keep promulgating our MetaFi narrative.

Compensation changes from Q3

  1. Extending Nobi and Hubert’s hours (+5 hours /wk) for them to invest more time into growing FloorDAO
  2. Compensation to be paid in $FLOOR tokens at a 7-day TWAP before disbursement, in order to better align incentives (if market cap below treasury, then effectively a bonus when market cap is back at treasury). At time of writing, MC is roughly 1/2 of TV, so this would represent a 2x upside when TV is re-attained


Twade is a core NFTX developer as well as one of the contributors for the FD v1 protocol. He has recently made the jump to full-time crypto, and will be ramping up development of FD v2.

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For: Approve budget for 2022 Q4 (edit: forum poll only)
Against: Amend proposal

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currently we only have two people and a marketing agency as opex?

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the ongoing ones yup. I just added @Twade though to this proposal as he’s ready to ramp up dev on the v2 protocol