FIP#39: Implement RAMOS

Since this vote has essentially been made null by sybiling and outside influence, I think the best way forward is to continue the discussion and amend the proposal factoring in feedback from members here.

The new proposal will include more specifics around capital/liquidity needs.

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been a bag holder for a bit and i’ve never felt the need to comment but i think its worth it now

the ramos proposal seems good and im in favor of it because the team did and has promised in posts that market cap should be equal to treasury on discord as far back as january and its been discussed as if it will be a given when v2 is implemented. people have the right to be mad if this is a promise that being backtracked on especially since the team hasnt put forward any real way of getting there except for ‘v2 will make price go up’. everything has been pumping but floor price still remains low. im not sure how v2 helps taht especially if our votes get diluted and we cant even buyback our own token properly

i dont have all good things to say about this proposal though. do we need to implement a backing mechanism to bring mc = tv? i dont think so. seems costly. i saw caps and a few other talk about a rage quit and maybe thats whats necessary here

let people who want to exit leave at backing but as part of the deal the protocol gets rid of all mc=tv expectation in the future and it isnt marketed as a core feature of v2 like it is now

then the team can literally use whatevers left in the treasury to allocate exclusively to nft sweeps and floor buybacks if thats what the community wants at the moment. $1-2m out of a 9.5 mil treasury to remove the tv expectaion seems good for holders and good for the protocol since all of the treasury can be focused on sweeps going forward

rage quit seems like the best option imo. lowest effort, no need to sell nfts again in the future to meet tv promises, people who dont want to be here anymore leave (good for community), and the dao can just have believers who want to sweep projects going forward

seems like a win win win

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