FIP#8 - Accelerated User Onboarding [NFTx + DeFi]


FloorDAO requires a much larger userbase in order to achieve its intended, long-term goals of deep liquidity, sustainable yields, treasury appreciation, and market visibility.

Given the limited size and scope of the current treasury holdings (~16m USD), “blue-chip” NFTs such as BAYC/MAYC can only be acquired in small batches, providing limited growth and upside prospects for the protocol.


Caution is good, however the “slow and steady” approach, will not prove viable for such an early stage project. Governance is broadly inefficient in its current state, offering far too much resistance, yet far too little flexibility for effective treasury management. Decisions on collections already take weeks, if not months to be approved, and only one project at a time.


FloorDAO onboards hundreds of new users with targeted bonds for “non blue-chip” collections, ideally with high levels of NFTx adoption, volume and yield generation. These communities will also tend to be more familiar with DeFi mechanics and Ohm treasury models than “blue-chip” collectors.

Specifically, there are 2 NFTx collections that fit these requirements particularly well: Milady Maker & Tubby Cats. Please read the respective reports before voting on this proposal.

Milady Research Report: FloorDAO - Milady Maker Research Report - Google Docs

Tubby Research Report: FloorDAO - Tubby Cats Research Report - Google Docs


FloorDAO will aim to acquire 2.5% of the Milady Maker and Tubby Cats collection as a permanent holding among its treasury assets. In this case, 250 Miladys and 500 Tubbies are the target quantities.

The cost of these acquisition will likely range between 100-150 ETH for Milady Maker, and 200-300 ETH for Tubby Cats. In total, 300-450 ETH would be required to purchase 2.5% of both collections.

Given the smaller valuations of these projects compared to Punks/BAYC, more aggressive bonding discounts can also be proposed with reduced strain on the treasury. 10-30% discounts on these bonds would likely result in a deadweight loss of <100 Eth, and effectively onboard those communities onto FloorDAO’s active userbase.

Polling Period

Preferably, the polling process will begin in a couple days after the proposal/reports are read by gFloor voters. I propose a one week period from 2022-04-08T16:00:00Z2022-04-15T16:01:00Z EST

Requesting admin approval for a binary yes/no vote regarding the outlined terms of this proposal. There is sufficient information in this post for all gFloor holders to make a reasonably well-informed decision, so let’s not take months to get this through the pipeline. There is no need.

  • Yes. FIP#8 passes and FloorDAO proceeds with 2.5% of Milady & Tubby acquisition.
  • No. FloorDAO treasury declines to include Tubby & Milady in their holdings.

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Agreed that blue chips are perceived to be safer - but this is also a strong assumption in itself.
Lower caps may be riskier, but provider larger upside, and at current treasury size we can likely influence and onboard a far larger userbase by adding cheaper collections to treasury - with both strong volume and fundamentals (like Tubbies).

500 Tubby sweep would be insane and may very well lead to us getting exposure to likes of Tetranode and many big Tubby holders.

I would like to see the addition of smaller caps be accelerated as well


Milady in particular seems pretty well poised as a kind of counter-cultural PFP project. There is also talk of a Milady coin from an ex-Yearn dev, which could very nicely fit here.

This is a really nice little proposal.


A 500 tubby sweep would not only bring attention to all parties involved but it would significantly move tubby’s already thin floor (for a 20k collection)

Tubby cats already has huge holders like dingaling who swept recently and owns over 110 BAYCs, 0xWave, Palis, etc. Would be a very good bet to bet on tubby cats in my opinion


Poll is up, vote for your preferred outcome! good vibes


Brilliant proposal, makes a tonne of sense imo. Do we even need a whole week to wait and vote ? Lets get this thing done quicker - a few days seems ample time!


There’s not a lot of data on these collections since they’re pretty new. Not sure we can count on volume holding up in the long term.


I fully support this and suggest we expedite it.

Both communities are very high IQ w/ influential people in them, so it will grab tons of attention from the right people. If you know anything about crypto communities and how nested they are, you’ll recognize this as a great idea. This is exactly how you build a core following.

Great write-up! Let’s get it done.


yes please. great proposal.


couldn’t have said it better myself