Proposal to hire JNP for the Policy team

This proposal seeks to approve the hiring of JNP ( discord: JNP | for the Policy team on a contractual basis, starting with an initial 3-month period. JNP will be able to help simulate ongoing parameters for staking inflation, bonding, and scenario planning.

The Olympus v2 mechanisms are complex and require deep understanding to properly calibrate parameters. JNP has already contributed significant work prior to FloorDAO launch, including a comprehensive Policy simulator and initial market creation parameters for the first set of bonds, PUNK and PUNKWETH. His relevant experience includes participating in Redacted, an Olympus-affiliated project, and founding, a liquidity backtesting platform.

If passed, the DAO will hire JNP on a contractual basis with the following responsibilities:

  • Analyze parameters available to the protocol
  • Collaborate with team to understand different potential market scenarios
  • Recommend parameter adjustments based on analyses and market feedback
  • Research new and upcoming features from other projects applicable to FloorDAO

The role will target 10 hours /week with compensation of $4,000 USD per month (or equivalent FLOOR with 7-day TWAP) referencing compensation guidelines from Olympus compensation process. If approved, we will backdate the start to the launch of the protocol on Feb 28, 2022.

olympus compensation table