Proposal to hire Nobi for a Community Manager role


This proposal seeks to approve the hiring of nobi.eth (discord: nobi#0001) for a Community Manager role on a contractual basis, starting with an initial 3-month period.


  • Engage with community on Discord, Twitter, and other channels
  • Answer questions, contribute to discussions, and generally encourage DAO participation
  • Meme and shitpost when inspiration strikes
  • Coordinate with core team and projects to host AMAs and other events


nobi.eth has been with FloorDAO from the start as the “Discord architect”. Since then, we’ve all watched him flourish into an active and knowledgeable community member, posting good Tweet threads from 0xNobi as well as smolsweeper, and commissioning emojis and Tubby hat/hoodies for our memeing. During FIP#8 and Floor Wars Round 3, nobi proactively reached out to the Milady and Tubby communities to educate them on how FloorDAO works. He brings relevant NFT project experience, including being part of the CrypToadz team.


  • The role is part-time targeting 30 hours per week
  • $3,600 per month referencing guidelines from Olympus compensation process, paid in $FLOOR tokens 1x /month on a 7-day TWAP per Coingecko
  • Role would be backdated to start from 2022-04-09, when FIP#8 was submitted for Snapshot voting and Floor Wars R3 had begun



For: Approve proposal for Snapshot voting to hire Nobi
Against: Amend proposal

  • For
  • Against

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