FIP#1 - Deploy FloorDAO Protocol


Deploy the FloorDAO protocol and enable aFLOOR to FLOOR migration.


Through protocol deployment, FloorDAO can begin executing on its vision to establish deep and yield-earning liquidity for blue chip NFTs.

Enabling aFLOOR migration will provide aFLOOR token holders with the ability to redeem FLOOR on a 1:1 basis.



This vote will officially launch the FloorDAO protocol.


An exploit in the FloorDAO contracts, bug in the deployment script or multi-sig error could lead to loss of funds.


  • npx hardhat run scripts/mainnet/deployAll.js --network mainnet on the deploy script at:
  • FloorDAO to verify the deployment and the handover of the governor, guardian and policy authorities to the DAO’s multi-sig accounts
    • Governor: 0xA9d93A5cCa9c98512C8C56547866b1db09090326
    • Guardian: 0xA9d93A5cCa9c98512C8C56547866b1db09090326
    • Policy: 0xEFbF837255F854f1e535441391B78114103E0888
  • Repay the 500 WETH loan from NFTX to NFTX Deployer 0x8F217D5cCCd08fD9dCe24D6d42AbA2BB4fF4785B
  • Deposit 500 WETH from FloorDAO LBP into FloorDAO treasury to mint 500,000 FLOOR
  • 500,000 FLOOR transferred to the deployed aFLOOR Migration contract for redemption
  • Migrate DAO’s unsold aFLOOR to FLOOR
  • LP 30% of ETH raised with FLOOR in Uniswap V3 (infinite range, 1% fee) and deposit LP position into Treasury
  • Deposit ETH or equivalent value assets into the Treasury as reserves
  • Setup of pFLOOR vesting as outlined in FloorDAO tokenomics with a 6 month cliff

Funding request - No - Implementation Requires Funding

This request requires no funding.


Discord: FloorDAO


FloorDAO twitter:


Minimum Quorum: 10% of circulating aFLOOR

Passing Threshold: More than 50% must vote in agreement for the FIP to Pass.


I created the snapshot vote for FIP#1 and it is live here.

The snapshot aimed to be a copy of this forum post, however a link to the contracts was missing and an incorrect date was used on the vote text. They are as follows:

I have confirmed the above, and that I am the creator of the proposal, with a signed message that can be verified:

  "address": "0x90d774E1530c86622DED2c12E0DE6843A944e9e8",
  "msg": "Contract deployment link:\n\nDate change: 6 month vesting cliff rather than 3.",
  "sig": "0xd5dd0ab1ecfba8cbf2a0405746a679c6a7b2423943f566577b367d9dcd078e95486c11f834a8520023714d0c3edf4af7aa59e1118dad7981903064e5ae84a65901",
  "version": "2"