FIP#6 - Explainer video for FloorDAO


Approve budget from DAO holdings to create an explainer video for FloorDAO.


FloorDAO aims to bridge the gap between NFTs and DeFi. In order to achieve this goal we need to make sure we educate different stakeholders in the market on how this will work.

Video is a great medium in order to succinctly explain how FloorDAO works to these stakeholders.


This budget will be used to build an explainer video for FloorDAO. This video can succinctly explain FloorDAOs mechanisms and will engage more stakeholders.

  • Sell $20,000 of ETH from DAO reserves to USDC

  • FloorDAO marketing team then engages with a 3rd party agency (hypercube) to create bespoke video.

  • Yes, approve this budget
  • No, do not approve this budget

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Personally am a fan of explainer videos, but not sure about usual budgets for these.

Are there examples we can see from other videos that 3rd party agency has done?

The partner I was thinking of was :

Very experienced in crypto videos (see portfolio).

They build unique from scratch - script writer, project manager, designer, animator etc.

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I think an explainer video would do wonders for onboarding more people to FloorDAO so 100% behind allocating the funds.

Given the wide variety of agencies around I would prefer to get the $20k budget allocated and put it out to an open tender providing other agencies an opportunity to bid as well.

Worse case scenario we only get one bid from HyperCube and we go from there, best case is we get additional bids more output for out budget with a better/equal supplier (not sure if that exists though).

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I too like the idea of allocating 20k and then creating an open bid period for marketers in this space to offer there proposals: the kinds of materials they are prepared to create and the type of promotes they will spearhead.

We can also reach out to one’s we know and like and let them know if the opportunity.

I think the proposal should also indicate who will be reviewing the proposals. I think maybe the bids should be reviewable by but the community but I prefer that the devs or a group assigned by the devs ultimately decide on which bid to take. Maybe a community volute would be a factor to consider.

Anyway that’s my two cents

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Can definitely see the positives of doing a tender process for an agency to pitch.

My worry is time (if we want this out as quickly as possible) - and added complexity.

I have worked with Hyper.cube before - they have a great reputation and I feel extremely confident that they will deliver for the DAO.

I would worry that a different partner may present additional risk of delivery.

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