#FIP54 - Make Sweep War FLOOR burns immutable in V2


This proposal seeks to clarify the process for burning FLOOR after each Sweep War has concluded. Specifically, should this process be immutable and enshrined in the protocol’s code or left open to give the DAO the opportunity to retain FLOOR after a sweep instead of burning it.


Currently, FLOOR will need to be burnt by the multi-sig following the “sweep” of FLOOR tokens after each Sweep War ends.

Instead, we have the option of making the burning of FLOOR immutable at the end of each Sweep War. Immutability would enshrine this process into the protocol and decentralize the mechanism - a core goal of the DAO.

However, this would also remove optionality for the DAO, meaning that FLOOR could not be bought back and held/spent following any Sweep War. This may have undesirable consequences that this forum post aims to discuss before being voted on.


Should FIP#54 pass in favor of making the Sweep War FLOOR burn immutable, a pull request will be created for the repository and reviewed, ready for the launch of V2.

Proposal Period

This FIP#54 Forum post will be left on forums for 4 days before proceeding to snapshot on July 31st, 2023.


The snapshot vote will have the following options:

  • Option A: Yes, make Sweep War FLOOR burns immutable
  • Option B: No, keep Sweep War FLOOR burns mutable
  • Option C: Amend
  • Yes, make Sweep War FLOOR burns immutable
  • No, keep Sweep War FLOOR burns mutable
  • Amend
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Saves the stress of ensuring that a subsequent call is made that would be correctly attributed to the same sweep. This flow makes sense to me.


burn it

if we need floor later for specific partnerships that the dao deems worthy, we can 1 off mint it after a vote.

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