HD Punks Report

Open to any and all feedback and if there is specific data that can help, please let me know, happy to try and run it down!

Fun fact, collecting HD Punks could help answer the question when does the treasury sell assets? In this case, the market would dictate ‘when’.


The relatively low entry point, the potential arbitrage utilizing the diverse NFTX vaults, and the burning tokenomics make this a very interesting play. This could be worth doing just to see what would happen at the very least.


Not saying to buy 500 but buying 500 of something for 11 eth vs 100’s of eth feels like a more speculative / less risky approach with more upside for a project that has adopted NFTX from the start, has chosen to position itself as the first deflationary project with it’s buy and burn using marketplace royalties and has a dev team that is well known in the web 3 space and likely even by this community (outside of HDpunk holders). For a high level dev in the web 3 space to say they’re bringing hdpunks with them wherever they go it gives me a level of safety knowing that it may not be highly adopted today - but it’s safer than an unknown dev of an unknown project and we’re speculating in the blind a little bit.

We may not be ready for speculative acquisitions into our DAO today - but when we are - I strongly feel like this is a candidate worth seriously considering when the time is right.

HDPunks has been a positive for me and the community I found when I first started in this space end of 2021 has been strong and growing over the last 6 months. I’ve developed some great frens and people I trust for being information sources or sounding boards which isn’t necessarily super common in the web 3 space with all the hocus pocus going on. Also - one day I will understand Foobars tweets. It’s a goal of mine. If I can go 3 days without having to research the tweets to understand them, I would’ve made significant strides in my educational process.
And I do own 10 of these nfts.


Wouldn’t hear about FloorDAO without joining HDPunks.

Im there from the minting process, I feel like its the perfect combination of a great community and top-level dev, its also the best cryptopunks derivative and if its not enough, its killer tokenomics, fits perfect for FloorDAO.


I am fairly new to the world of NFTs, DeFi, and crypto in general. HDPunks were one of the first NFTs that caught my attention. I started to follow people on twitter that had something to do with HDPunks because I loved the high quality of the art and the ties to Cryptopunks. As I started to learn more, I realized that HDPunks were more than just a classy PFP. This project was the first that I found that had actual substance behind it. It was not just a cool PFP that might someday be worth a giant sum of money, there are strong tokenomics behind the project as well. The community goes out of its way to educate new people and help them understand what nfts are capable of. An added bonus for me was the low entry point. I could afford a small collection which is important to newcomers. On top of that, I could also afford to stake a few and actually put the nfts to use. The fact that HDPunks has a deflationary mechanic gives me a sense of security in my investment. It is the first investment I have ever made that I am not constantly monitoring and planning an exit from. I personally feel this is what a majority of nfts should offer.

The HDPunk community also has ties a large community of new, interested, and excited investors who have not discovered what is possible with a project like FloorDAO. Many of these investors, like me, are new to this world, but are also spending an enormous amount of time learning about nfts and are hungry for something that creates long term value. FloorDAO is a perfect project for these people. It would add another layer to what is already a great project while also bringing significant value back to current Floor members.


I think the HDpunks nftx vault implementation is very unique. The flurry of activity that occurs both on the open market and in the vaults following a burn is unlike any other project ive participated in. The opportunity to stake your assets against this behaviour is even more unique accruing further gains. Even more opportunitys arise with independent buy and burns of nfts outside of the creator either buying off the floor or vault to compound the increase the value of the remaining supply.


Hey, HDPunks founder here! You may know me from Twitter.

There’s an incredibly interesting flywheel here. As @dismal-jellyfish described, our unique tokenomics direct all secondary royalties to buyback-and-burn $HDPUNK tokens from the NFTX vault. The advantages are twofold: create an ever-rising floor while ensuring that no individual NFTs is ever made irretrievable.

FloorDAO’s bonding model, where modest equity dilution is counteracted with both new treasury asset inflows & a rising floor on all treasury assets from bonders sweeping the floor, is a perfect fit.

Combining these two flywheels would be an powerful one-two punch, not to mention that HD Punks are an extremely low-risk, high-upside and low-dilution addition to the treasury. Would love to grow this partnership.

Hope you consider this proposal carefully! Look forward to talking more!


lfg , wagmi , to the moon … we are happy and safe with the hd punk developer and team .we are surely looking forward for floor dao to understand the true potential of hdpunks.

tokenomics is great , community is even better… art is best that too in HD … seems like floor dao will understand the real value behind this project.