Invisible Friends

Hello everyone, I would like to get the discussion started on possible sweep of IF floor. My reasons are simple. IF launched on the day that Russia invaded ukraine (all markets took a hit, I know) however IF has been able to keep a soild floor above 6.5-7 ETH in an overall bear market for NFT’s. Also the Sotheby’s collab did not get announced officially yet because the punk auction was pulled the same day Russia invaded Ukraine, yet the floor is still stable. Is there any interest in discussing this further?

I think it’s better to wait it out. We should really only consider projects that are past their initial hype. If they’ve been out for say 6 or more months then I think we should consider them. Too many projects can’t sustain the hype and fail after the first few months, or the price takes a nose dive.

The whole idea behind floor is buying up “blue chips”. It’s too early to say if IF has blue chipped or what it’s floor price will be.

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