Listing Floor Dao On Explore by The Dapp List

The Dapp List is building an ecosystem to Curate the Web3 Adoption. We are striving to bring users, developers, and investors together and provide them with a platform to interact and collaborate. This will facilitate the next wave of adoption for Web3.

I am reaching out to you in regards to listing Floor DAO on our Explore module for users to interact and engage with the project.
We want if you or any of your team members can submit the proposal would be great.

It’s a small form with few details required - Curate the future of Web3 | The Dapp List > Click Login > Click on HUNT NEW DAPP

You need to hold any of these token (60 $DAI, 4 $UNI, 3 $ENS, 0.4 $NFTX, 10 $SAND, 150 $DG, 20 $APE, 1 BAYC, 1 MAYC) in your wallet to create a proposal. No need to deposit or spend anywhere.

Please let me know how we can proceed with this