OlympusDAO Narrative Change

Hello Floorians(?!),

A sweeper on discord brought up the fact about the change in the sentiment with DAOs specifically with the Olympus and its forks going south. So far I’ve seen FloorDAO’s branding is being defined around Olympus.

After the recent bloodbath, I think it is now more important to have the branding and narrative around the DAO done right . It is particularly important for the TLA as it would set the expectation for FloorDAO’s valuation and market cap.


Sup Floorians.

First post here after lurking in Discord for a while. I agree OlympusDAO narrative probably isn’t what we should pursue right now.

LooksRare is a good model. Passive ETH (or fractional NFTs) from holding and promoting a project seems to be the new hot thing.

Also venomics. Interestingly, FloorDAO is probably going to accumulate voting power in some NFT projects where NFTs → voting power, simply by virtue of providing liquidity.

Governance accumulatooooor?


Late reply but agreed on both points.

I posted in the #policy channel on Discord but copying my thoughts on that:

currently it’s standard olympus model, where yield is compounded back into the treasury → increasing PCV → increasing runway and paying for more bonds. but i definitely agree the market meta is moving towards a ve- model (or something similar) where there’s value in your staked assets whether that’s some fee sharing or gauge weight voting (eg. for NFT collections to be bonded). so keeping a close eye on stuff olympus and redacted are working on. inverse bonds are interesting (allow redemptions if ppl want to “take profit” into strategic assets) and redacted plans like harberger tax

personally i love the idea of ve- staking to do on-chain gauge weight votes on whitelisted NFT collections to incentivize for bonding, would create “Floor Wars” with nft collections potentially vying to get our sticky liquidity. maybe even see a bribe protocol launched a la votium